Baysville Branch New Privacy Pod

Baysville Branch New Privacy Pod
- 11/24/2021 2:25:55 PM

Where is the mayor in this photo? He's inside the Baysville branch's new privacy pod! Book it to take online classes, make a phone call or attend a virtual meeting, or enjoy some quiet work or study time. The pod is wheelchair accessible too. 

Mayor Terry Glover, councillors Nancy Tapley and Jacquie Goddard, library board chair Cathy Hurst, librarian Lizann Brunskill, and library CEO Cathy Fairbairn (today’s photographer) celebrated the pod’s opening this morning. Thanks to the Lake of Bays Township library board and the Lake of Bays Township council for making this happen. 

The Framery Q “Flip n’Fold” privacy pod will hold up to 4 people, so in the future you’ll even be able to book the pod for small meetings. 

Stop in to check it out!