Meet Our New YouTube Channel for YOU

Meet Our New YouTube Channel for YOU
- 4/20/2020 12:00:00 AM

During this time of social distancing we’re betting you have knowledge or ideas that you can share with a friend or neighbour--something that will help us all feel more connected. So we’re asking YOU to create a brief video (no more than 5 minutes long) for the Lake of Bays community. Can you teach a friend something? Maybe you have inspiring or encouraging words you’d like to pass along? Perhaps you’ve discovered something that might help others get something done, give them a laugh, or encourage them to give something new a try. Whatever it is, we hope you’ll share. Sound good?

Here’s what to do:

*Grab your phone, your tablet, or your digital camera. 

*Create your own video (nothing fancy required)

*Send us the video by one of:

email to 

upload it to our Google Drive here: 

upload the file

So let’s stay safe and let’s stay connected. 

P.S. If creating videos is not your thing you can still help by spreading the word about this channel and by subscribing and liking the videos.

To find our channel, a search on for “Lake of Bays Library” should bring us up. Or click here to go have a look. Some staff created videos are up there now, but we look forward to seeing what you’ll create.

Let’s #DiscoverConnectInspire each other!